Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Shakiest Gun in the West

Cleaning out our DVR this is a movie we recorded almost a year ago. Liking Don Knotts I thought it might be a fun movie.
Plot curtesy of Wikipedia
Jesse W. Haywood (Don Knotts) graduates from dental school in Philadelphia in 1870 and goes west to become a frontier dentist. As a "city slicker", he finds himself bungling in an odd new environment. On his way west the stagecoach he is travelling on is held up and robbed by two masked bandits. A posse sets out to capture the bandits and catches one of them, Penelope "Bad Penny" Cushing (Barbara Rhoades).
Held by the sheriff and facing prison as a convicted stagecoach robber, Penelope is offered a pardon if she will track down a ring of gun smugglers that also involves a local Indian tribe. She tricks Haywood into a sham marriage as a disguise.
Haywood unintentionally and inadvertently becomes the legendary "Doc the Haywood" after he guns down "Arnold the Kid" and performs other exploits (all with covert assistance from Penny).
The film is a remake of The Paleface, a 1948 movie starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell.

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