Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I spent this weekend with my sister at a scrapbooking retreat at a Bed and Breakfast in Sycamore IL called the Paper Doll House. The house we stayed at is 117 years old and the mayor of Sycamore grew up in the house. The house had all the noises, sounds and character of an old house. I love old houses.
We left Friday afternoon and returned around 1:30pm on Sunday. I had a very enjoyable weekend with my sister and thank her so much for taking me. The innkeeper was very hospitiable and very pleasant; but was somewhat unorganized. She really did a good job on the Bed and Breakfast portion but we felt she was rather laxed when it came to the scrapbooking area of the house. When we 1st arrived on Friday, the innkeeper wasn't even there, we had to basically figure out what to do on our own and was told by the young person who greeted us that when she returned she would take us on a tour and explain everything to us. That never happened. We had to ask to see a few areas of the house and that was around 11:00pm on Friday. Nothing was ever specified as to what could and couldn't be used in the scrapbooking area and the room was very disorganized, almost messy.
I did though have a good time, and the whole time I was there my sister and I kept thinking of how we would improve the B&B if it were ours. lol
Below are some pics from the weekend.
The Paper Doll House Bed and Breakfast:

Friday evenings dessert Chocolate Mousse:

It was Sycamore's Pumpkin Festival weekend, this I think was my favorite decorated pumpkin:

A pumpkin dessert serve on Saturday evening:

Sunday Brunch the Paper Doll version of Eggs Benedict:

Once Brunch was served the innkeeper came around and placed hats on everyone. The innkeeper is in the background in the door frame:

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