Friday, October 9, 2009

Back Surgery Update

Todd had back surgery yesterday on L4 and L5. He is doing well, the L4 disc was very herniated, he said you could actually see the nerve vibrating. They cleaned out the scar tissue around it and fixed the right side of the disc, once that was done the buldge on left side relaxed. Todd now has plenty of room so that nothing is touching the nerve. L5 was also pressing against the nerve. I think the surgeon said all they had to do is get rid of scar tissue around that disc and it relaxed and wasn't touching the nerve anymore. The surgeon said we probably won't have to do this ever again. GOD I hope, twice is enough.
He still has pain in his legs but that will subside once the nerve damage heals. He is actually doing quit well, he was even able to order a light meal last night. The surgeon mentioned if the incision looks good they will send him home today. I begged the surgeon if they could wait until Saturday and he said he will probably grant my wish and release him on saturday, boy that would be a relief!!!

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