Thursday, July 30, 2009

Root Canal, ouch!

I few weeks ago I went to our dentist because a filling fell out awhile back, I decided to go have the filling replaced. I found out that when the filling feel out the tooth chipped and I was told I need a root canal and cap. Today the root canal started. The tooth is the last one on the top left side of my mouth. OMG what pain!
I couldn't keep my mouth open wide enough, the dentist had a hard time reaching the tooth because of that. I literally had my mouth open for an hour. The dentist said I would be in pain for a few days, wonderful. Only good thing so far is that the root canal portion is done and my next visit will be molding the cap, less painful I am sure.


SWEETS said...

mare i put a comment on mind...on what u said on my read it some time..i wasnt thinking while typing to your return... ugh on the root canal..never had one of those..ever...

Darren Harper said...

The pain will definitely lessen in a few days, until it’s completely gone. I’m sure you have figured that out now, given that this post was years ago. I hope you recuperated well, and that was the last major dental procedure you had to go through. Have a nice day!

@ Darren Harper @ Arbor Creek Dental