Monday, July 6, 2009

Con artist/Scam

About 2 weeks ago we received a coupon that was in the blue envelope that shows up in you mail. It was for having the air ducts in your home cleaned out. The coupon said Whole House Air Duct cleaning package unlimited vents, one return, one main duct. So I called and made an appointment I specifically asked if when they show up to clean the air ducts if this is what we will be charged. The person on the phone said, just give them the coupon and the money and that is it.
Heres the part that they get you on; must houses have more then one main duct, ours for instance has 3 and we have 3 returns. Ok you can say DAH here if you want; don't I know how many main ducts you have? No I don't, I figured 1 from the furnace to the rest of the house. I did know we had 3 returns so we were going to tell them just do one return and not the others.
Just beware if you choose to have your air vents cleaned out and have one of these coupons, be prepared to pay more then the coupon price.
Oh and by the way we kicked the guy out of our home without having the work done.
Here is the name of the company to avoid: Clean Air Duct Cleaning llc their number is 1-800-954-2702


SWEETS said...

good call mare....

Josh Langhoff said...

Thanks for the tip! I'd set up an appointment, but canceled after reading your post and looking at my furnace.

Kim said...

I went with these guys and now my system freezes up! I think they messed the whole thing up. Good for you by getting them out of the house.