Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Toy

I am getting a new expensive toy!
My laptop is on it's last days. There are times the mouse just doesn't want to work anymore and it will locks up on me for no reason at all.
My loving husband sat down with me this weekend and we ordered a new laptop for me. Just for me! Well I am going to let Todd use it on occasions because it is going to have a webcam on it and he will be able to Skype with his brother instead of using the old slow camera that we have.
I can't wait until it arrives so I can play. Once Todd gets it all set up for me of course.
Oh yeah it's RED!!!


Grsote said...

That sounds really cool, and we appreciate you and Todd more than you will ever know! Thanks!!

Ruby2s9756 said...

I am Happy for you. It is always fun to get a new toy. Especially an electronic one. I like the color you picked Mary.....RED that is SO YOU! I got an Accer netbook from MaryAnn for Christmas, small, compact, and wireless all around the house. And it will be easy to take on Flights and play games on too! Enjoy your new TOY when it arrives!