Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ice Sculpting Festival

This weekend is the Ice Sculpting Festival in a neighboring town. They carved all the store front sculptures on Friday evening and today they were all on display in front of the stores that sponsered the event. Today they were having a sculpting competition by the train station. We got there early and glad we did because a lot of the sculptures were starting to melt. We didn't stick around for the competition though. This years theme was Mardi Gra.

Jack in the Box. Subway's name is carved in it because Subway is a sponser

Bourbon Street Lamp Post

Fish in Block of Ice. There were quite a few sculptures right by the train station, most were pretty much melted where you couldn't make out what they were supposed to be. This was one that still was kind of intact.

Dove with an Olive Branch


This is the Wizards Crystal Ball (from the picture above) that fell off the sculpture. We saw this walking back to our car and Todd took a pic of it.

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SWEETS said...

mare does todd have a blog...i have two friends on my followers.. two chicks i know...but if he has a page i would like another u.. nice ice pics..bon and how do u get peps to look at your page.. yes another ? from retard here...smootches..