Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oral Surgery Today

Well today Jordan went through his oral surgery. He had 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled; 3 of which were impacted. He got through it a lot better then I imagined he would have. He is in pain yes; but I keep telling him that as time goes by he will feel better. He is on 3 prescriptions that say has to be taken with food. Kind of hard when all he can eat is jell-o, pudding, mashed potatoes and any other soft stuff. He so far has only requested pudding and is finding that hard to eat.
We have now spent that last 4 hours watching the Muppet Show season 3 DVD that Todd and I gave him after he got home from surgery. (He has season 1 & 2 already)
Hoping he will be able to sleep tonight without too much pain. Todd is off tomorrow and Friday before he heads back to SLC so he will play nurse if needed.

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