Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back To SLC....Again

Todd left again this morning for SLC. I just heard from him and he just got there.
This week will be fun. Jordan starts school on Monday only going for 1/2 day. He will actually be able to come home earlier then 1/2 day because in the afternoon he is scheduled to attend vocational school and since it a 1/2 day vocational school will not be in attendance so he will be able to come home earlier. Wednesday he has his follow-up appt with the oral surgeon early in the morning. Then Thursday is Open House at the High School; Todd should be home by then so he will be able to attend with me. Ethan will be heading downtown 2 days next week. One to meet the staff of the film & video department and the other day to have a "picnic" with the President of the college. All new students have to attend both functions it is mandatory. He is really looking forward to starting college on the 2nd of September. Even though he has to take general courses 1st semester.
So this week will be filled with events to keep us all busy.

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