Saturday, November 17, 2007

A little scary but everything was ok

Last night the high school had the 1st wrestling meet of the season. It was actually a scrimmage meet against each other and a get together for the families of all the wrestlers.
It was Ethan's turn to wrestle, he is wrestling the 189/215 class. During the 1st 1/2of the period he was in the lead by points and close to pinning his opponent. Then about 1/2 way into the 1st period he started holding what we thought was his rib. We figured that he fell on it wrong or something, throughout the rest of the next two periods he really was breathing heavy. We could hear him up in the stand over all the noise. He starting losing points but was still in it, I was getting worried because at some points when the two wrestlers had to go back to the center of the mat, he wasn't moving right away. He made it to the end of 3 period’s unfortunately losing but what really got us, was when he went to take his ankle strap off and shake his opponents hand, he was shaking vigorously. Todd immediately got up and head for the side of the mat. Ethan told his father that he had a bad cramp, couldn't breath and at the end of the match everything was blurry. We had the physical trainer look at him, he checked his pulse and told him to take it easy the rest of the evening and make sure that he eats a big breakfast tomorrow morning. He thinks that with Ethan having a light supper and his adrenaline being high is what caused the incident.
I really commend his effort for making it through 3 periods felling that way and not getting pinned. I also being a mom told him if he ever felt that way again to tell the ref you are injured and need a 2 minute time out. This probably would have helped him catch his breath to resume. I strongly feel that Ethan would have won the match if this didn’t happen!!

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