Sunday, November 18, 2007

It’s a Wonderful Life/Day!

Yesterday was a wonderful day.
We started our day getting up early and grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving holiday. Once we were home Todd and I went in the backyard and tackled all the leaves that fell from our 40+ year old maple tree. We ended up with 10 leaf bags full. Luckily for us our garbage pickup provider is having FREE leaf pick up this month as long as they are bagged.

We decided after lunch we should take a nap to make it through our “Date”. I know a nap? Yes, naps are a great welcome once you hit a certain age. We haven’t been on a married couple date in quite awhile so we were both looking forward to this evening. Earlier in the day I searched the internet for a restaurant that we could go to on our way to the Radio City Music Christmas Spectacular Show. I found a restaurant that had 5 star ratings from customers; the restaurant is called Tapalpa in Elk Grove Village.

This restaurant is now my favorite restaurant that I have ever eaten at.
It is a family authentic Mexican restaurant that is actually in a strip mall. The restaurant doesn’t come across as anything fancy but they have absolutely fabulous food and service. Starting with Margarita’s and ½ combo plate appetizer that we shared; through our main courses; Todd ordered the Tilapia and I got the Mini Combo plate there were no flaws. Toward the end of the meal a mariachi band came and played 2 Mexican songs for us. Both musicians were outstanding guitarists and singers. When our check arrived, we received 2 shots of butterscotch liqueur with whipped cream on top. YUM!!!! This restaurant is definitely worth the trip and tolls we paid to get there.

After dinner we proceeded to go to the 75th Anniversary of the Radio City Music Christmas Spectacular Show.

Due to my bad map reading we got a little lost from the restaurant to the theatre. We sat in our seats literally 2 minutes before the show started. The show was as they advertised Spectacular. My absolute favorite part of the show was when the Rockettes danced to the 12 days of Christmas. The choreographing for that song as well as all the songs throughout the show was very impressive. The Christmas Show is apparently known for their Toy Soldier routine and the Nativity Scene; and in not disappointing was breathtaking. My hopes are to see this show again in the future; taking my children and hopefully my nephew Nikolas. I could see this becoming a show that someday I can take my future grandchildren to.
What a Wonderful Life and Day!!!

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Raelynn said...

Sounds like you two had a great date night!