Sunday, November 13, 2011

bilateral laparoscopic salpingo oophorectomy

Yep, that is what I went through on Thursday 11/10/11 at 10:00am. Well that's when it was scheduled for. I didn't get in surgery until closer to 11:30am because the assistant surgeon wasn't available until then. I was able to come home a little later in the day than anticpated on Thursday evening due to nausea from the anesthesea and I kept falling to sleep. But, by 5:00pm the nausea passed and I was home by 6:00pm and in bed by 7:00pm. Occasional pain getting up for a sitting position, but otherwise doing ok. So glad the surgery went as planned and wasn't more than anticipated. I will see the doctor on Thursday to see if I can return to work on Monday. I will work for 3 days than off for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and positive thoughts!

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