Sunday, October 16, 2011

Annual Scrapbooking Weekend

I have spent Friday evening through most of today at a scrapbooking retreat with my sister and her friend Jennifer. I have not had an opportunity to scrapbook since the retreat we did last year. We had to find a new place to have our retreat. The Bed and Breakfast that we did last year and really liked, closed down so we tried a retreat held at a hotel. It for the most part has been very pleasant. I took a 2 page class on Saturday and got 29 pages done. I still have to title some of the pages and journal them, but for they most part they are assembled. I am very pleased by this accomplishment because I really didn't have a chance to coordinate pictures with paper and embellishments. I brought what I thought I would need. I actually finished scrapbooking around 9:00pm Saturday night. I still had pictures that could be scrapbooked, but I didn't bring or have the right paper to go with the pictures. I brought along the gifts I am making to give to my stamp campers at my Christmas card camp that I did work on on Sunday morning, but I had to stop working on that also because I didn't bring everything I needed for that either. LOL So we scrapbook pictures correct? So what did we do, forget to take pictures of this event. Some scrapbookers we are. LOL The retreat reminded me of an Archivers crop and I think we decided that we would so this retreat again in the future, maybe again next year.

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Grsote said...

You were there and you concurred! Hope you were able to relax and enjoy the new experience as well as get some stuff done.!