Saturday, September 24, 2011

Farewell to 41 years

I remember one of the things that I would do over the summer, over winter breaks and spring breaks and whenever I had a day off of school for a federal holiday, teachers inservice or if I was sick. The one thing I would do is watch All My Children. My mother watched the 4 ABC soaps. Ryans Hope, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital from as long as I remember up until she passed in 1975. I remember her telling us to leave her alone during her soaps; but I also remember watching all 4 of them with her at times when I was able to and I was always able to catch up with what was going on. I remember Ryans Hope being change or replaced by LOVING which didn't last long. I remember Luke and Laura's wedding in 1981 on General Hospital; but I do also remember giving up on General Hospital when Luke and Laura were going to save the world from if I remember correctly the Ice Princess or something like that. I though that they were reaching for story lines that were quite unbelievable. I think when I graduated high school I stopped watching One Life to Live because I had my own life to live, but I continued watching All My Children. I would tape the episodes on the VCR and would record over old episodes until the tape wore out and I had to get a new VHS tape. When I 1st got married, I work for the village I grew up in. I was given an hour lunch from noon until 1:00pm and I would go to my father's house during my lunch and would watch All My Children. My dad was retired so he got hooked into watching All My Children with me. He loved the Nico and Cecilly story line and name 2 of his fish Nico and Cecilly. He too watched until his passing in 1991. When I had children I was a semi stay at home mom I would watch the episodes daily and tape them if I couldn't. This was me time while my boys were babies and toddlers. I returned to working full time once my children hit high school age and up until the last episode that aired yesterday I was DVRing All My Children and watching it after dinner. This is when my husband starting watching with me and that was for about the past 6 years. I will miss the story lines that dealt with current events, I will miss the humor that some of the characters brought to the show. I will miss how they focused around families. I will miss the holiday celebrations that they would have on the show along with the parties, wedding and tributes to characters that my have passed. I will miss the beautiful costumes/clothing some of the characters would wear. But must of all I will miss something that I dedicated a big part of my life to.
Farewell to 41 years All My Children, you WILL be missed.

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