Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

We were hit last night with a blizzard. The snow started here at about 2:00pm immediately with white out conditions. Work announced at 3:00pm that if we wanted to leave that we could (but you would have to make up your time if you were leaving early). Since I was already there at 6:00am I left at 3:00pm. What usually takes 20 to 30minutes to get home took approx 90 minutes to get home.
Ethan and Jordan plowed throughout the day and Todd plowed once in the evening.
Both colleges closed their facilities for Wednesday and I in anticipation took Wednesday off as a vacation day. We turned off all our alarms and decided we would get up when we got up.
We woke up to this, 16" of snow:

Here are a few pictures of my 3 men plowing us out.
Todd starting the process of plowing:

The small area that we dug out to get the front door open:

The path down the sidewalk, the snow is up to Jordan's knees:

Ethan helping dig us out:

Jordan helping dig us out:

This last picture was taken between the side of our house and the neighbors fence.
We call it Catch a Wave because it looks like an ocean wave.

The village's snow plows finally came by at about 11:30am so even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have made it to work anyway. The snow finally stopped right around noon and now we have a bright sunny winter day. Thank GOD we were all home safe during the major part of the snow storm.

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