Saturday, January 15, 2011

2nd semester of college

Jordan started his 2nd semester of his 1st year in college this week and his 1st day was very stressful.
Tuesdays and Thursdays are a full day for him so needless to say Thursday which was the 1st day of school he had major problems finding parking which stressed him out and made the rest of his day hard for him.
Monday, Wednesday and Fridays he has 1 class for an hour, kind of silly to go to school for 1 hour but with the problems we had with financial aid he had to register late and had to take classes that were open.
He also attends school on Saturday. BLAH He has a 3 hour business math class that he is taking on Saturdays. He could have opt to take Math on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays but he want to do the Saturday 3 hour class. So basically he goes to school Monday - Saturday's
I think he should be OK with his school load once he gets used to the hours and routine.

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