Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fried Rye

One of my memories around Easter time was Dad driving out to Chicago and stopping for 2 things to bring home for Easter Dinner. Lithuanian Sausage and Lithuanian Rye Bread
Mom would prepare Lithuanian Sausage along with Ham for part of our Easter Dinner.
We would also have to have died eggs and horseradish on the table too.
But one of the things Dad would do was take some of the Lithuanian Rye bread and some left over bacon greased that mom store in the refrig for him and make some Fried Rye.

All you had to do was melt the bacon grease and fry the bread in the grease until it was toasted.
I found out that my husband had never had fried rye before so since I had to pick up some groceries at a small grocery store in the area I would pick up a loaf of Lithuanian Rye Bread and fry up some rye.
Never having made it before, I never realized how much the bread absorbed the grease. WOW!
Anyway our Son tried it 1st and his reaction was "This is really delicious. Thank you Grandpa." Todd then tried some and said. "This is really good"
Unfortunatley we ran out of bacon grease really quick so I was only able to make 2 slice per person. But now that I know where to get the Lithuanian Rye bread I can always stop on the way home from work and get more.
Here is what Fried Rye looks like when it is "Fried"

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