Tuesday, April 6, 2010

College Schedule

Later this week my oldest registers for his Junior year in college that will start in early September. WOW time has flown. I remember helping him picking his 1st set of classes his Freshman year. Now last night we sat down and he picked the classes and then even thought about picking back up classes just in case the ones he wants are filled. Glad he is starting to think ahead and doesn't need mom or dad to tell him to do things like that anymore.
He really needs to take a class called Stop Motion Animation. He has tried twice now to register for it and both times both the sessions offered have be closed due to being filled. Now that he will be a Junior, he will get to register before some of the other students so we are hoping that he will 1st get in the morning class but if not then he will have to take the evening class which we are not to crazy about, but he will have to do it if needed.
We are keeping our fingers crossed in hoping on Thursday he gets in the classes he really wants and needs.

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