Sunday, April 26, 2009

Got Rained On!

This morning was filled with thunderstorms but by 2:00pm the sun was out as if it hadn't even rained.
Todd decided to take the bike out at about this time since it was sunny and the thermometer read 80 degrees. I asked if he would take me to the library on the bike to drop off a book; he did and then asked if I wanted to continue or go home. I said lets keep going; so we went to my sisters to pick up my Mary Kay order and then rode. We headed North and I knew once we crossed over Ogden Ave we should had turned around and headed back, not because of the weather, but just a feeling I had. After a few more miles north we decided to head back, our route back was not the same one we took but one that had a gray cloud over it. I think the cload followed us because 1/2 way home it started to drizzle, nothing heavy just a light drizzle. At a stop light an older gentleman in a car rolled down his window and told us to put our top up. That we thought was actually kind of funny.
The drizzle was ok but then about a mile from home we got rained on. Let just say rain and hairspray don't mix; once home I had to dry myself off and clean myself up.
It was a real nice ride until the last mile.

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