Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Am Living a Nightmare!!!

Right now I am in the middle of a nightmare that started back in July of 2007
In July the cap that was put in my mouth over 20 years ago by one of the BEST DENTISTS that ever lived cracked and I had to get it replaced. Since that time I have had 3 molds done on my mouth & 4 different caps. Almost none of which have fit correctly or stayed attached for more then 3 days at a time. The 1st cap that was placed in my mouth fit perfectly, the next day I started experiencing pain, the dentist removed the cap and filed it; still pain, went back in and he remove the cap and filed again. Still pain. The next time I went in he said, well here is your problem, the tooth in front of the cap is chipped, let me fill it and we should be fine. (It probably chipped from you working on the tooth next to it) Well it wasn't fine, he must have filed it too much because from that point on I have lived with multiple caps that weren't fitting correctly and continually falling out, remolding of my teeth, NUMEROUS cancellations by the dentist (more then I can count) and pain. I called my insurance company for advice, they said to try and get a refund for the cap and try a different dentist. They can not pay another dentist for work that was already done, so until I get the refund nothing can be done to this tooth. I know the Dentist had a new modeled cap in his possession so I wanted to give it one more try. Last Wednesday April 23rd was my last attempt to get this cap put in; it fit pretty well, but was grinding my upper teeth when I ate. I was told by the Dentist that he wouldn't be in until Monday April 28th. I called on Thursday knowing that they wouldn't be in the office, but thinking that maybe the receptionist would be. There was no answer so I left a message about the grinding teeth and asked them to call me on Monday. Well Saturday the cap fell off; Monday came I tried calling the dentist in the morning, it went right to voice mail. I did not leave a message and I also did not receive a phone call. Monday afternoon the filling that was supposed to fix the chipped tooth fell out. Tuesday the pain started. I called the dentist, right to voicemail. Wednesday stayed home from work because I had a headache (probably caused by the pain) Tried calling the dentist, this time it went to a voice mail but not the normal voicemail, it sounded like a cell phone voicemail. I did leave a message stating that the cap fell out on Saturday, the filling fell out on Monday and that I was in pain. Thursday I woke up at 3:00am in pain. I decided to call another dentist, I was fortunate enough to get into a local dentist; I was told that I was literally screwed over by my dentist. I had 2 caps in my possession, the dentist did not have a post connected to either cap so how was it supposed to stay in the spot.(I knew this) That the tooth in front of the one that needs capped is chipped, infected and needs a root canal and cap.(I knew part of this) They will repost, and recap the tooth the 1st dentist messed up on and then do a root canal and cap the 2nd tooth. But 1st I have to get in touch with the 1st dentist to get a refund. I know that this is going to be so frustrating for me. In the meantime the new dentist is going to get in touch with my insurance company and see what can be done. I am right now on an antibiotic and pain killer/anti-inflammatory. This is going to cost me a small fortune even if I get the refund and with insurance!!!

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