Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yesterday was a great day full of events.

My oldest son and I had an appointment to give blood at 8:30am. We made sure we ate before we went because the last time I gave blood I had a very light breakfast and by the time I got home, I was very light headed. After lunch DH and I treated my 5 year old nephew to a walk through the matinee of our towns Haunted Forest Walk. It is very mild scare to go through that time of the day. They gave the little kids a power ring to scare off the monsters. It was really fun, when he would show the ring the zombies would fall to the ground. My nephew still ended up being scared; luckily his Mommy and Daddy went along with us on the walk. His daddy ended up holding him through the walk. It really would have been creepy to walk through the forest at night. Some of the "stages" were done by the boy scouts and they really did a good job. Also during this event my 2 sons volunteered to work. My oldest son was in charge of setting off the hearse with a skeleton that popped up on his queue and my younger son did crowd control on the hayride.

Once we were done with the walk. My sister and I spent the rest of the day at Archivers scrapbooking. I treated her to an evening of scrapbooking for her birthday. I ended up getting 8 pages done; I didn't think that was too bad considering that I felt I really wasn't ready or organized to scrapbook. I think having a Quikcuts Silhouette really helps my pages come together.

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Raelynn said...

Nik can't wait until next year--he has plans for those monsters! Will you be sharing any of your layouts on the blog?