Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tree

Well we got the tree that we ordered from QVC yesterday. I sat in the big box for 24 hours.

Tonight the tree went up and the tree came down. LOL That quick.
Actually it took Todd longer to get it out of the box then it did to assemble it.
About 10 minutes to assemble and I only think it took that long was because he had to take the string that held each section of the tree off.

It is a pretty tree, full with a lot of light. We showed Ethan and Jordan and Jordan said the same thing I said. "Hey, we can actually put presents under the tree." Our old tree sat so low to the ground that you had to put presents in front of the tree.
Our old tree is still in good condition but it used to take a couple of hours to assemble including the lights.

If anyone need a tree, I give away our old one if you hall it. LOL Otherwise I am going to try and sell it at a garage sale. If it doesn't sell, then it will be sitting at the end of our driveway on amnesty day.

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