Monday, May 31, 2010

Graduation Events

A little over a week ago, we received an invitation to the Awards Ceremony from TCD. Jordan was to be rewarded with 2 awards. TCD is a vocational school where high school students spend 1/2 their day at school and 1/2 their day at vocational school. the vocational school teach, cosmetology, fire science, nursing and culinary among other thing. Each subject at TCD gave out 2 awards, Superior Senior and Effort Award. Jordan received the Effort Award and the received a $1000.00 scholarship.

We are so proud of his hard work that he had done this year, not just with TCD but also with his overall grades his senior year. He really took this year seriously.
Since this is a holiday weekend, we decided to have Jordan's graduation party this weekend a week before his actual graduation. It really worked out for the best, the the weather was awesome and we had a really good turnout. Jordan also received some really nice gifts.

Family and Friends


Jordan with Grandma and Grandpa

Our Family

Ethan, Mary, Jordan, Grandma Phyllis, Grandpa Marvin & Todd

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