Saturday, March 20, 2010

TCD Scholarship Dinner

On Thursday we attended the TCD Culinary Scholarship Dinner. The students that are attending TCD hosted the banquet. The food was incredible!!! The evening started out with appetizers, students would come around and offered a variety of appetizers; mini quesadillas, dates wrapped in bacon, strip steak on a stick, stuffed mushrooms and fried crab rangoon. They also had an appetizer table along with 4 stations where students made appetizers while you waited. One station was a rice dish, another was a pretzel pulled pork sandwich which I tried, another station was sliders with a side of tortilla soup and the last station was an oyster poorboy sandwich with a side of clam chowder.
During the whole dinner they were showing live video on the wall of the students in the kitchen preparing the food. We found out that Jordan was making the crab rangoon and we did see the crab rangoon being made but only the chefs hands so we had no idea that it was Jordan on the screen until later. LOL
I was so stuffed from eating appetizers that I had to stop or I wouldn't be able to eat diner.
One of the Appetizer Tables. This one in the picture was my favorite. Not sure what it was called though.

In the middle of the Appetizer Table was Bread and Cheese. Need I say more?

One of the Appetizer Tables

Two of the Appetizers; Oyster Poor Boy Sandwich and Clam Chowder. This was one of the appetizers Todd picked

We stopped Jordan for a picture on his way to clean up the appetizer table

We were then served dinner, a chicken breast on top of mashed potatoes, with a Chardonnay sauce and root veggies on the side. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was really good.
I didn't partake in any of the desserts. :0( because I gave sweets up for lent and I am sticking to my will to do this. Here is the chocolate fountain table. Once they turned on the chocolate fountain the lines for the desserts was CRAZY!!!

The Dessert Table

There were 2 stations set up where the students made the desserts while you waited one of the desserts they made while you waited was a Waffle Apple Dessert

The other desserts they made while you waited was the Cherry Crisp. Todd tried this one and it almost made me cheat on my commitment but I stood strong and didn't.

After dinner they introduced the student by years of attendance. Jordan was in the
2nd year students that were introduced.

This was a great event and we were so impressed and proud of all the students and the great job they did.

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