Friday, May 11, 2007

Good Samaritan

Well yesterday I was a good Samaritan. I was an audio witness to a hit and run. A Chevy Tahoe backed into a cute little Mazda Miata. The guy got out of his car looked at the Miata and then left. I didn't actually see the accident but others did. Did anyone leave a note? No. That really irks me. Luckily the Tahoe passed me and I was able to write down the license information. I went up to the car and a man dressed in all black was standing by the car. He turned to me and the 1st thing I saw was a cross around his neck and he was holding bible. I said "Do you believe someone would do this and just leave?" He said "No I don't." I said "Where should I leave the information, on his wind sheild, on his seat?" (the top was down on the car) The man said "What information?" I said "The information on the car who hit this car" He then said "This is my car"
Apparently he was reading his bible around the corner and didn't realise his car was even hit.
So he contacted the police, and then the police called me to get whatever information I had.
I guess I did a good deed!

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